Author's Note

Ric submitted an article and I told him it needed a better title - that people often decide to read something based on the title.  He said the article was a bit of history.  I thought it needed to be more specific and/or eye catching.  No response.

So, I read the article and asked him if it was about the unsung heroes of the plant world.  He said 'yeah'  and went on to describe visiting them at their homes and the types of plants they were growing.  Imagine seeing a knockout Sinogrande Rhododendron with huge leaves and bright flowers for the first time - because it wasn't available to the public yet...  I asked him why he didn't put that in the article.

He said, "I have my own style.  I'll write more about them later."  I asked, "why not just write about one person now and others in following articles".  Nope.

Have you ever had this type of conversation with someone about what to plant and where it should go?!