Where am I? I am running down a gravel path.  It is twilight - there is a slight drizzle and I am getting wet.  Where could I be? I brush past soft foliage - some tall and some small.

What is ahead? Do I see something or is it my imagination?  I run into a small pond.  Is it mine or am I lost? Gradually, I begin to recognize things - this is my backyard - the pond, the large stones and the collection of Japanese Maples.  What am I doing out here?

Abruptly, I sit up - my eyes wide open.  Cow-a-bunga and are staring at me.  Their tails wagging - this is a game to them, but it is certainly not to me.  What is going on?

I get up from the bed and walk to a window.  It is dark and drizzling - I peer outside but no me is evident - just my vast collection of Japanese Maples.  I sigh with relief.  Nothing to worry about.  Everything is alright or is it?