Ground Breaking Work

Today, an all-star cast of gardeners broke ground on the new perennial display planned for Wildwood Farm’s highway frontage. 

The new display will stretch along 200 feet of the property that faces Highway 12 in Kenwood.  The planting design aims to create a year round show of color.  A combination of bulbs, flowering shrubs, and perennials should provide interest through the seasons. 

Ric and I planted 150 Aster frikartii ‘Moench’ in two separate drifts between the Wildwood Farm sign and the entrance to the property.  This Aster is highly regarded in the gardening community.  For starters, it is a hybrid between an Aster from Italy and one from the Himalayans.  So, it’s tough.  It blooms for five months, from May to October.  To round it all off, ‘Moench’ is deer resistant and drought tolerant.  We’re putting it to the test in an area that gets over eight hours of direct sun in the summer.  We think it will pass with flying [lavender blue & yellow] colors.

Of course, we didn’t just roll out of bed and decide to plant 150 perennials today.  As the project unfolds, we’ll share the inspiration, preparation, and ideas that led up to today.