Monday, September 10, 2012

Where it all started

For years, plants have kept this place a closely guarded secret.  Only the maintenance guy knew about the plant kingdom that ruled from Wildwood Farm.  One day, the maintenance guy took his kid to work.  The kid had lots of fun.  And the kid started telling the maintenance guy how to make Wildwood more exciting.  The plants were indifferent at first, plus the maintenance guy kinda liked the peace and quiet.  Eventually, the plants got bored and told the maintenance guy they needed to spice things up.  75-0-0 wouldn’t do it.  Neither would designer containers.  @birds had told the plants about a new world.  The plants wanted to rule that world too.  So the plants got the kid to connect them to the new world.  Now, the maintenance guy is working double duty in the garden and on the blog.  The blog is a work in progress and the kid’s having lots of fun…

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