Gardening at 60 mph

THE fall planting project at Wildwood Farm illustrates the disconnect between today’s fast paced lifestyle and the slower rhythm of the natural world.

Cars blast past the stretch of property we’re planting at speeds over 60 mph.  The challenge of gardening with limited time will be a theme with Gardening at 60 mph articles in addition to the behind the scene stories on the progress of our ‘storefront display’.

Devoting the same amount or even ½ the time spent on email to your garden can yield enormous dividends.  Changes in your garden and to your plants develop slowly.  Glancing at a plant on your balcony every other day or walking through your flower beds during the week is essential.

Small changes, like a curled leaf, might indicate you need to check your irrigation system before you leave on vacation.  That could be the difference between a dead plant and a healthy plant.  And, the difference between a rewarding gardening experience and a disheartening setback.

Plus, walking 0.6 mph through your garden could be the difference between a blah start to your day and a rosy start.