Interlude & Back to Yesterday

I took a short break and drove to British Columbia.  I want to ship plants into Canada and this was the first step to acquire permits.  Plus, it’s beautiful country.

Early 1940 - the Japanese were sent to concentration camps during the forties.  Their nurseries were thriving but they had to leave everything.  Two of them asked my father to run their nurseries.  He agreed.  A handshake was sufficient.  In those days, one did not need a cadre of lawyers to write an agreement. Now, he had three nurseries to run – one each in Berkeley, El Cerrito, and Richmond. 

Kaiser shipyards was the big employer in the San Francisco Bay Area then.  People [mostly poor] from all over the country flocked to the area.  Workers earned $2.00 an hour which was sufficient to raise a family.  However, no sick pay, no vacation.  Just work or leave.  Buy a house, buy a car – things were looking up.

The fifties started and another war began – this time in Korea.  More money to be made by killing foreign people on foreign land.  By 1954, the war was coming to a close.  Times were good – everyone made a good living and bought lots of plants.