Peggy Noonan on Gardening?

Peggy Noonan’s column in this weekend’s WSJ opened with a comparison between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.  She contends that the age of Biden and youth of Ryan is the main contrast between the two.  The story details the advantages and challenges for each candidate as they reach out to voters.

The dynamic between Ric and I isn’t adversarial but there is the age, youth contrast.  As we think about reshaping Wildwood, there’s an incredible amount of variation in the course we think the business should take.  Differences in opinions about the look of the gardens/ displays/ inventory take the longest to reconcile.  Of course, these might be the most important!

Generally, Ric takes the position that we should do what we want [no copying others] and people will either appreciate it or they won’t.  Generally, I take the position that meeting people’s expectations for a retail nursery should be our main priority. 

Of course, private gardeners don’t need to worry about undecided gardeners or the general public’s expectations.  They can make their garden their own; their own idea of a retreat, an entertaining space, a magnificent display , or all of the above.

Perhaps, that's why so many gardeners appreciate the collection of plants and gardening style that Ric has developed over the years at Wildwood Farm.