Decisions of Yesterday

We walk at a rapid pace - the future is here today.  Good and bad things go hand in hand - many times bad things win the everyday battle.  These footsteps are preparing you for the tomorrows.  It is frightening - where to turn, is everything going to workout.  Decisions were up to the individual.  There were none of the hand holding robots we have today [2012 and the future].

Junior year at UC Berkeley was tedious.  The grades were better - more time to spend studying.  But a change was coming.  Everyone had to go into the military for two years.  I dropped out of school and served in the military.  They sent me where I didn't want to go.  They wanted me to hate people I did not know.  Each day was a full twenty four hours.  At last, the release date arrived - Back to Berkeley to finish work towards a degree.

Now, the big step. Looking for a career.  I did not realize it but the next direction was leading to a career in plants.  At that time, the foundation was going to be a long divergent path.  Plenty of ups and downs - hang on - it was a rapid fast paces trip.  Ten years in a completely unrelated pursuit.

The final days at Berkeley I interviewed at BUROC - put on my one button row powder blue zoot suit.  People kind of looked at me on campus- what the hell was this.  The plastic interviewers couldn't believe their eyes.  Looking back, I couldn't either.  Needless to say, no one wanted me.  Retailing was out - Macy's, Saks the other department stores were looking for top grades, not some ill prepared person.  Big mistake on their part