Summer Sky Tea for Hummingbirds

After watching a new selection of Agastache flourish in our gardens this summer, we ordered more.  It arrived in a cell pack - 96 baby Agastache with just a few leaves on each plant.  We let it acclimate to the Valley of the Moon climate for a week before putting each one in a 4" pot.  Then we waited.

With the help of some late season heat, it added many new shoots and even a few of its signature dark purple flowers.  But now, we don't want the Agastache to have to continue to find the energy to push more flowers as the temperature drops.  So, we trimmed back much of the new growth to the thicker part of the stems.

The hummingbirds were devastated.  The common name for several varieties of Agastache is Hummingbird Mint.  These little guys would practically knock over a baby plant pushing on the small flowers!  The cuttings from Agastache 'Summer Sky' didn't go to waste though.  We snipped off the leaves and put them in our tea pot.  The mild flavor was pleasant and slightly reminiscent of mint.  On a rainy day, the best part was the warmth. 

Agastache 'Red Fortune' is next on the menu.  The Hummingbirds love it too.