A Chicken Tale For Raina

Every week, Raina from Wise Acre Farm delivers fresh eggs to Wildwood Farm.  For Christmas dinner, she brought us a five pound chicken from a friend's farm to cook.  To show our appreciation, I wrote a short story for her called, A Chicken Tale for Raina.

Once upon a time, there was a chicken lost in the forest.

His mama had left him there.  There were too many other chickens in the coop.  As he was the smallest, he was the first to go.

He had awakened from a troublesome dream and he could not believe what he saw.  He was lost in the woods.

Where is my mama?
Where am I?

These worrisome questions occupied his little head.  As the day grew sunnier, the surroundings seemed to become friendly.

So, he pecked here and he pecked there.  He was pecking happily when he heard a forelone squeak.  Under a group of large leaves he found two baby squirrels.  They looked at each other trying to decide what was going to happen.  The baby squirrels hugged him.  They became companions.

As the days went by, the chicken pecked and the squirrels cracked nuts.  They sang all day long.

It so happens a Hollywood producer was in the woods searching for mushrooms.  He heard the singing.  The singing was so delightful.  He followed it to the source.  He found the chicken - now grown - and the two squirrels - now grown.

He thought they could compete on American Idol for Animals.  He talked to them and they said 'why not'.

The chicken acquired the name of Chicklet a Boom and the squirrels were known as Handy and Dandy.

They went on to become famous after the record Chicken Do Bye went multi platinum.

They lived happily ever after, to a ripe old age.

Moral: sing in the forest, you never know who will hear you.