Are You Ready to Rock?

At Wildwood Farm, we're taking advantage of bare branches and better sight lines to rethink the hardscape along our entranceway.  Now is a good time to think about the hardscape in your garden too.  The hardscape is anything made out of rock, wood, or concrete such as paths, fences, walls, and accent pieces.

Rocks are one of the few elements that can serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose in a garden. Standing alone, boulders can anchor a space and provide balance to graceful arching plantings.  A dry stacked rock wall will be a sturdy, natural looking addition to  any slope that needs terracing.

The key to a great looking rock installation is the craftsmanship.  Burying at least 1/3 of a stand alone rock is important so it doesn't look like a human plunked it on the ground.  Burying the first course of a rock wall helps anchor the entire stack.  The fun part is fitting together the pieces [rocks] of the puzzle to achieve a beautiful pattern of different shapes and sizes along the face of the wall.