Drama in the 60's

1960 entered the atmosphere – no where to begin.  I returned to hard labor – I didn’t realize how enjoyable it was – sweating in the sun, digging in the earth.  It was peaceful but I needed more money to survive.  One day my career fell into my lap.  I was in Oakland, CA and walked past a beauty school – hairdressing – I can do that.  I walked in and started my ten year career.

1960, the beginning of rock and roll - San Francisco was bursting at its seams.  Across the bay, I was loving the hairstyling classes.  To take a wet head of hair and roll it and dry it and comb it out.  It was a new avenue that I couldn’t believe I was doing.  Graduation time came and I went into a real life of finally working.  I spent a year at some fast paced salons.  I decided to go to NYC  Paris where the big boys were.

Of course, I didn’t speak French and since the French are very fluffy they didn’t like me.  NYC was another planet – people racing from corner to corner.  I worked in a 24 hour salon on 42nd St in Manhattan.  A real eye opener.  I stayed about six months and returned home.  I found work quickly.  The best thing about hairstyling is you don’t need references or a resume to find a job.  You do a comb out and if you’re good, you’re hired.  Within a year, I had my own salon.

While at hairstyling school, I met Harland Hand.  He was finishing his home and garden.  I rented a room from him and worked in his garden i.e. I was in charge of backpacking 80lb sacks of redimix concrete and 4cu ft bags of topsoil down the hill.  It was a long way down and back up.  He didn’t have any paper plans – he just put things together and it worked out.  Upon his death, I believe the city of El Cerrito took over the grounds and made it a public garden.

Meanwhile, in my salon I was on a tear...