Full Moon Party

Bryan Tedrick invited us to his end of the year Full Moon Party at his studio in Glen Ellen, CA.  Reggae inspired beats pulsing from the speakers and small plates served by Rob Larman of Cochon Volant set the mood for festive evening.

The visual feast was the life of the party. Bryan had a sampling of work from throughout his career on display. He also had sketches and pieces in progress that preview what we can expect in 2013.  As far as sculpture, Minaret and Orgasm were the real showstoppers.  If you’ve been to burning man, they might look familiar.  Lit up and pushing 50 feet, both pieces are quite a sight.  Belly dancing performances by Natalie Tedrick and friends – think sword balancing and fire – added to the mystique.

One of Tedrick’s kinetic metal butterflies perches in a sea of green cypress at Wildwood Farm.  The 6’ butterfly gently rotates in the breeze flowing through the Valley.  The powder coated red wings positively glow against their green backdrop.  No wonder it’s a favorite of both adults and kindergarteners.