Golden Gate Parks Party

On Saturday, the Parks Conservancy said thanks to all the volunteers that supported the many projects in San Francisco’s Presidio.  With great food, a national parks version of the 12 days of Christmas [as in five irrigation rings…], and a slide show with highlights from the year, it was a great occasion for everyone to reflect on accomplishments.

The Presidio is a unique location and entity.  The US Congress created the Presidio Trust and mandated that all operations in the Presidio be self sufficient.   With the help of volunteers, the NPS manages a massive education and restoration effort on the grounds.  This effort happens at many levels as high school and college age interns often supervise volunteer projects.

I spent a few weekends at one of the native plant nurseries in the Presidio.  Volunteers collect seeds from plants in the presidio, record their location, propagate new plants, and replant areas that are being restored.  I’ve never divided so many sedums in my life. 

Countless small projects, like growing baby sedums, make the Presidio a great place.  They also make great excuses to have a party.