Signs of Life

This time of year you have to look closely [to the ground] to see signs of life.  Between rainstorms, it's fun to see what's peeking through the soil.  The narcissus have already sent up sturdy green shoots at Wildwood Farm.  A few even have blooms on them!  Their refreshing perfume is the perfect scent for crisp clear winter afternoons.  The real show will be a bit later when the big boys - the large yellow and orange flowers - make an appearance.

Between rainstorms it's also a window to do some light transplanting.  Digging up a big bundle of roots is easy right now.  The shovel slices right through the soil.  Keeping all the roots on drought tolerant plants like lavender and euphorbia helps them through next summer - they already have their network to withstand long dry spells.

And there's peonies to think about.   These guys are awfully picky about being moved.  Dislodging an eye or a shoot could spoil next year's blooms.  It's worth the risk to get them in prime real estate for the early spring show though.  Before we know it, those swelling buds will be gigantic flowers that light up the garden.