The Wreath Wrap Up

One lady who participated in our wreath making classes said she had never heard the word bundle so many times.  Bundle is a key word when you’re talking wreaths.  Every wreath is made up of small clusters of foliage wrapped around a metal ring.  Combining conifers with foliage or different types of conifers creates the pieces that make up the wreath.

For Wildwood Farm’s two wreath making classes, there was an assortment of boughs for the participants to choose from.  It’s always impressive to see first timers reduce the branches of large trees into a festive 12” ring of holiday cheer.  California bay, eucalyptus, fir, assorted chamaecyparis, and cypress were the ingredients of the various wreaths.  Some of the best combinations were cypress, bay and fir, chamaecyparis, bay.  Each one had its own personality and a story behind it.

Everyone, even the eight year olds, walked away eager to hang their wreath on their door for all to see.