Frogs Turn Up The Volume

Preparing the nursery for Spring means staying a little later on sunny days in the Winter.  We wound down the day in the northern part of Wildwood Farm, near a stream that empties into the Kenwood Marsh, as the sun set.

It felt like we were at a concert instead of the middle of a meadow.  As the light faded, the volume of noise from crickets, birds, and frogs grew.  We stopped and listened for a few minutes; it was pretty impressive.  The frogs were definitely the loudest!

Of course, the frogs had to be loving the 50 degree weather in mid January and extra water!  Frogs and other beneficial amphibians can make do with puddles if you’d like to attract them to your yard.  Standing water can be bad for foundations but out in the garden it can be a real asset for a healthy habitat.