Making a List, Checking it Twice

All gardeners know that thinking about a list of plants for spring is almost as much fun as making a list for Santa.  There are so many possibilities!  Whether the wish list is filled with big puffy cactus dahlias or graceful arching Japanese Maples, we all hope more space and more money magically appears for our garden.

When we think of stocking the nursery and gardens for Spring, our eyes are often bigger than our grounds.  New variegated dogwoods [Cornus Rutgers Celestial Shadow], early blooming Hankerchief Trees [Davidia involuncrata Lady Sunshine], and variegated Gingkos [Ginkgo biloba Majestic Butterfly] are some of the plants we just can’t resist.  Of course, we’ll also add to our collection of Maples.
By the time Spring rolls around, Wildwood Farm will be bulging at the seams with amazing plants.  Best of all, most of them are right at home in a small backyard setting.  That’s not to say our mature trees can’t hold their own in a wide open space!