Party Planning

Birthday parties are always fun affairs.  Blowing out candles, eating the frosting first, and opening up goody bags are some of our earliest memories of birthdays. 

At Wildwood Farm, we're busy brainstorming activities that will make our 38th Birthday Party one to remember.  Planning this birthday party is a bit different though - the focus will be on the guests.  We want to make sure the goody bag has plenty of treasures for gardeners and their plants.  A big cake overflowing with flowers, is definitely a must.  Balloons, streamers, and tunes will set the mood.

Nature is an important part of the business too.  So we'll have talks and demonstrations that celebrate all the pollinators and beneficials that make everything possible.  It's hard to give a bee a goody bag but planting a long blooming perennial might be the next best thing.

We still have some time before April 28th to refine the afternoon festivities.  Stay tuned and mark your calendar!