Landscapes of the Future

Everyone is in a hurry - things must be done as soon as they are conceived.  No waste of time - too bad the clock clicks so slowly in a job that one hates.  Too bad for the repetitive and boring 8 - 5 existence.  Too bad the need to punch a clock.

Buy a new car, buy new clothes, buy, buy, buy.  Big corporations help you make decisions constantly, bombarding you with the sweet deals.  Stay young, no more aging - the pills you take will insure you of the youth of yesterday.  Careful, the pill will also give you liver disease, turn your complexion a bright pink and give you herpes.  But it doesn't matter, you will feel good and look young with a few ailments. 

The landscapes of today reflect the uniqueness of our life patterns.  The more popular ones are as follows.

The Far East influence:  Front yard, a large boulder place just so, the addition of a tree, preferably a Japanese Maple and one grass.  Placed in a triangle surrounded by 3/8 to 1/2" stone - no larger.  The two plants and boulder must be exactly 39 3/8 center to center - the spirit rises.

The Near East or Mid East influence:  Two tall and stately palm trees with a fountain.  Lined up to perform a precise uniformity.  Crushed rock is the soil of choice.

The asphalt concrete jungle:  The ultimate creation of people in a hurry.  A square home with siding and front steps to the front garden - several holes in a bed of concrete or asphalt.  Optional - live plants - too much work.  The plants need to be plastic otherwise a water system needs to be installed and they need to be trimmed.

The last landscape of choice is the lawn and foundation planting with one token tree.  Constant hedging, constant blowing of dirt and leaves.  An absolutely clinical yard.  The leaching of big box landscapes - cheap and non interesting.

Afterall, everyone is in a hurry.  Why spend time looking at a bunch of plants? Live.

Beautiful gardens exist for visiting in summer months.  Rest at spas in tropical environments.  Travel miles to see the spring or fall colors.  Take pictures of the marvels of mother nature and arboretums.

The beauty of plants is not taken home - a few pictures to show friends - memories to be cherished.  But we are too busy living the grand life to be surrounded by it.

The nursery industry follows along a given path.  Impact of color, new color, nothing old - freshness, a new hybrid.  It becomes a shoe sale every spring and fall.  There is new color, the riot of discovery continues.  We can not savor the old - new is what makes our environment today.

So we segue into a style of garden that refutes many concepts.  So many beautiful plants, from all over the world.  They are going to be introduced to each other.  They will live in harmony unlike the inhabitants of their world.