Mt. Tam's Cascade Trail

Day hikes are great mini-escapes from a weekly routine.  They offer so much - scenery, rejuvenation, and a sense of accomplishment. 

This time of year, hikes with waterfalls are a favorite.  There's something about the power of sheets of water crashing down that is so cool.  I love sitting and following the different paths of water as it jumps from rock to rock.  And the rocks are awesome too. With ferns and logs mixed in, I'm happy as a frog watching from the edge.

Of course, with waterfalls comes elevation change.  So, sitting and watching each pool and drop is a must! 

The Cascade Trail starts at Alpine Dam in Mt. Tam.  It is at its peak now.  Countless waterfalls entertain hikers as they walk through the redwoods to the upper meadow.  Great views of the coast greet you at the summit.

                                                               Happy trails.