First Impressions

Slow down . . . and you discover all kinds of things.

A few times each year we take a mini-vacation from our home in San Carlos to the wine country, most often to Sonoma County for its relaxed pace and natural beauty.  We go with our two little dogs to find a new restaurant or visit an old favorite, to see the vineyards as they roll towards the wooded hillsides, and of course to taste some wines.  This time, we took advantage of a glorious spring day to discover a tree nursery known as Wildwood Farm.

This enchanting property is a wilderness of Japanese Maples, Dogwoods, Ginkgo trees and other not-so-common species.  As you wander through, you experience the tranquility of the place, even though you are excited to see the shapes, textures and colors of hybrids you have never seen or heard of before.  You wander through dappled sunlight and shade provided by the mature native California trees, and you are refreshed because you have been reminded of the variety and beauty of nature.

The nursery sits off of Hwy. 12 on the west side, about halfway up Sonoma Valley.  Ricardo and Sara Monte and their son Joe were each moving throughout the gardens, independently tending to the young trees they know so well.  We ended up buying a weeping species of Katsura, plus a couple of smaller plants.  But the point is, if you want a different kind of experience, if you don’t want your landscaping to look like everyone else’s, then take a break and discover Wildwood Farm.

Slow down . . . or you’ll miss it.

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