Serving of Satomi Seedlings

You may remember that last year we collected dogwood seeds to grow for rootstock.  They sprouted and now they're ready to go into 4" containers.

We had to take them out of their flats and separate them.  The bare roots need to be kept moist so we placed them in a Tupperware bath.  That gave us time to get them into individual pots.

Why all the effort? It's best if you use seed from the tree you plan to take cuttings from for grafting.  With rare trees like C.k. Akatsuki and C.r. Celestial Shadow, we don't wont to take any chances.  We have a hard enough time keeping these plants in stock as it is. 

The Celestial Shadow isn't even on Wildwood Farm's website it's so new.  All the toughness of a Rutger's hybrid and the great show Celestial produces.  Plus variegated yellow, red, green leaves.