Stocking Up On Party Favors

This past week, the staff at Wildwood Farm potted several different types of wildflowers into four inch containers for party favors.  A sampling include, the California State Flower [Orange Poppy], Love in the Mist, and Poor Man's Orchid. These little darlings should be ready to go into the ground in a few weeks.

While they're blooming they'll provide food for hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and even bats.  Bats eat lots of bad insects, by the way.  When the flowers are done blooming, they'll release their seeds and pop up next year.

At the party we'll have other party favors and a talk about how to attract beneficial insects to your yard by the Bee Lady.  We'll have a selection of perennials that can help to attract them as well as a demonstration about how to arrange them.  After all, a garden should attract humans too.