Can You Grow Maples In Full Sun?

Yes, is the short answer.

There are maples from across the globe, not just Asia, and many of the can take full sun.  Maples from the Middle East, with rolled up leaves, are especially adapted to scorching weather.

In a little less forgiving climate, many Asian Maples will tolerate hot sun with frequent watering.

In the picture to the left, the A.p. Novum is growing in full sun in Wildwood Farm's center circle.  This red maple needs the sun to maintain a vibrant glowing red throughout the summer season.  If it was in the shade, the red would fade to green during the summer.

As a full sun centerpiece, it turns colors through the summer months.  Tones of rust, orange, and red rotate until fall when it turns a bright orange red. 

Check back in a few months to follow the color progression!