The State[ment] Poppy

It's tough to keep track of which poppy is the CA state flower [Eschscholzia californica] and which is the CA state poppy [Rhomneya coulteri].

Both plants have bright showy flowers and survive in terrible soil.  Both are tough to grow in containers.  The orange poppy [state flower] is a bit tougher than the white poppy to grow in containers because it's an annual. 

Wildwood Farm purchased several Matilija Poppies earlier this year for different projects.  One of them was redesigning the highway frontage.  When all the other perennials were going in gopher baskets and asking for extra water to get established, the Matilija Poppies waved off all the attention and grew happily in 'amended' road base.

Now, when the early 85 degree weather feels like 95 and we need a little lift to get out gardening, we look at the Matilija Poppies.  The massive white flowers with big yellow centers cheer us up.

Whether you need a powerful statement or a happy statement in your garden, consider the State Poppy.