Will They Hold On?

Wildwood Farm is revving into event mode with Sunset's Celebration Weekend right around the corner.

Squeezing four acres of gardens and nursery into a 10' x 10' booth can be a tricky chore.  Hence, all the to and fro debating about what plants to bring.  The big question is if the Asian Dogwoods will still have flowers in ten days.  With all the heat and wind we've had, the bloom season for the East and West Coast Dogwoods was very short.  Many of the Asian Dogwoods are holding on to vibrant white and pink blooms though...

We'll definitely showcase Summer Fun and Wolf Eye, with their stunning variegated leaves, regardless of blooms or no blooms.  Plus, we'll have all our dwarf Ginkgos.

And, all our maples - oh wait they won't all fit!