Doubling Down

Gardening can be discouraging.  Even well thought out plans can fall short of expectations.  Especially if patience isn't part of the plan.

Last fall, I wrote quite a bit about the perennials being planted on Wildwood Farm's highway frontage.  They were supposed to pump up our curb appeal this year.

The Asters and Salvias tripled in size and even flowered.  They're just not very noticeable with traffic whizzing by at 60 mph.  With the onset of summer and triple digit heat, I could have written off the entire experiment.

Instead, I cut back the salvia blooms and fertilized everyone with a slow release 10-10-10 mix.  Then, I added a mix of dwarf double blooming hollyhocks.

If your garden needs a pick me up, there's no better way to do it then doubling down with double blooming hollyhocks!