Class III Weekend

This weekend, I took some time off to raft the South Fork of the American River.

In past summers, I volunteered as a white water guide for a non-profit that educates people about water use in California.  I was 'on river' most weekends.  This was the first time I've been on river this summer.  Of course, I didn't tell my friends that their guide was rusty.

We met another fellow from Austria the night before so there were six people in the boat.  Another friend had two people in his boat.  We made it through Satan's Cesspool and Hospitable Bar [names of rapids] without flipping or losing anyone.  We did pick up one person at Satan's Cesspool that fell out of another boat...

It was a blast to go rafting again.  I had to buy an Aloe Vera plant for my sunburn on Sunday evening though.