New to the area --- first visit to Wildwood

New to the area, I noticed the sign for Wildwood on Highway 12.  I was intrigued but I had a destination in mind.  The second time I wanted to stop but my husband was in the car and again there was a destination. The third time I took a friend and Wildwood was the destination!  

Words cannot really describe what I encountered (images either) -- but I do know that Wildwood is a magical place full of living and breathing colors and shapes - all lovingly card for and artfully placed.  Actually I think any where the trees are placed becomes artful!  I don't know much about trees.  I was once fond of a Japanese maple that I inherited when we bought a home. I had a big yard I can envision planting it full of the amazing colorful varieties I found there.  I do know I will be back and hope to start my own modest artful collection.  Here are a few modest shots I took with my iPhone.  I am eager to go back with my DSLR!  

BTW, there is actually ART there as well!