Rays of Lilac Starbursts

Usually, gushing adjectives are reserved for short lived wildflower displays and intense fall color.

There are flowering plants that can singlehandedly inspire oohs and aahs from even the most veteran gardeners.  One of these is the Daphne genkwa, or Lilac Daphne. 

Maybe it's the fact everything else is bare and dreary when it blooms.  Maybe it's the subtle tint of lilac that makes it outstanding.  Maybe it's both.  Whatever the case, Wildwood's Lilac Daphnes are exploding with color now.

If that's not enough of a wow factor, the plant is an important medicinal herb in Eastern cultures.  Both the roots and flower buds have numerous healing qualities.

Another reason to stay healthy this winter - leave the buds on the Daphne!


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. I definitely need to find room for them for my waterfall landscaping.


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