Spring in Yosemite

A timeout from Wildwood can be rejuvenating and refreshing.  And time spent in Yosemite is guaranteed to inject excitement and energy into any outdoorsmen soul.

Everyone at Yosemite this past weekend enjoyed awesome spring time conditions.  The springs, brooks, rivers and waterfalls are amazing as the snow melts quickly.  Wildflowers at lower elevations are starting to bud.  Dogwoods should follow shortly!

The cliffs, boulders, and mountains are what one might call the 'essence of the earth'.  The massive stones reframe one's perspective of the wild.  The Snow Queen trail sits opposite Half Dome and affords one constant views of the formation climbing up the other side of the valley.  Half Dome changes from monolithic to 'touchable' as the elevation climbs.

In the photo to the left, an ancient windswept Cedar frames the iconic mountain!