Updated Profile Photo

Earlier this week, I was in Healdsburg, CA pruning trees at several different residences.

The morning visit was a new location for me.  When I met the owner, one of the first things she said was, "you look even younger than you do in the [pruning] video".  People often tell me I look young or group me into a young demographic without asking my age.  Hearing I look younger in person than I do in a five year old video was a new one though!

It is fascinating how challenging it can be to get people to focus on a plant or their garden after they start commenting on how [young/old] I look.  It's not like I toss into phone conversations that I've been gardening for over 20 years.  Gardening from 13 - 33 can be just as educational as gardening from 43 - 63, right? 

It seems logical to me to talk about plants and gardens when I'm working.  I do prefer to write in the third person here, especially since google likes it when I link 'Wildwood' to the nursery's website.

I did cave in and update my photo on the sidebar.  Maybe I looked too old in the first one or maybe now I look younger - who knows.