Plant Resolutions

Plants like to make resolutions.  We took a poll of the plants at Wildwood and here are the top five.

1. Lose more leaves.  Some plants still have leaves from last year.  They hope the birds will help out at nesting time and remove the stubborn leaves around the middle that are sheltered from the wind.

2. Eat more trace nutrients.  Plants would like to have more mulch this year to improve soil health and make it easier for young roots to grown.  This should help with nutrient uptake.

3.  Find branches that fit.  Sometimes early warm weather makes the plants too excited and they send out long shoots in the spring.  Those branches look odd later in the summer though.

4.  Find companion plants.  Every plant wants to be complimented with other good looking plants around them.

5.  Find a permanent home.  Plants don't like constantly moving from one display to the next.  Photo shoots are all right but they would rather be in a garden where they can spread their roots.