40th Anniversary

Last night, the big SNL anniversary party was in New York.  Slightly farther from the spotlight, Wildwood also celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2015. 

In 1975, Wildwood was a small dot on the map.  Now, the dot that counts is placement on google maps.  An online presence is not enough; mobile commerce is expected.  If you said Shopify in the 70's, people would have said 'shopifly??'.

In the beginning, Wildwood sold natives.  We still do, they're just native to other continents.  Wildwood sells plants that deserve a place in the landscape.  The California lifestyle is about extending boundaries, blurring boundaries, and being outdoors.   That's what we try to live at Wildwood.

Wildwood plants add feeling to a place.  Maybe that's why we ship plants nationwide; some are not far from Studio 8H.