How Much Water?

Recently, customers from San Francisco asked how much water they need to give their new Winter Flame Japanese Maple.

In the picture, the Winter Flame may not look like it came from a 25gallon container and is 6' tall.  However it is!  The new owners followed Wildwood Nursery instructions to a T when they planted it.  The tree is mounded up high and rocks around the base hold the soil in place - functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The first step is to fill a 5 gallon bucket about half way and see if the roots quickly absorb the water.  They should.  The next step would be to adjust a [rainbird] micro bubbler  so that it sprays to the edge of root ball.  Then, determine how long the micro bubbler takes to fill a bucket halfway.  Run the micro bubbler every two or three days.

Most importantly keep an eye on the plant if weather changes abruptly!