Gardening With Evergreen Content

A long time ago [relative to the speed of tech], marketing professionals coined the phrase ‘evergreen content’.  They say the inspiration for the phrase comes from evergreen plants “which retain their leaves over the seasons”.  Content refers to the language and story in the marketing material.

Ironically, writing about evergreens might not be evergreen content.  Evergreens are most popular in the winter when everything else looks dead.  Of course, in the context of a formal garden, they would be evergreen content because evergreen hedges anchor the design throughout the year.

In a garden design with nuance, evergreens can be a complimentary backdrop, or foil, to splashy spring and summer color.  A row of bright burgundy Fringe Flowers are a great contrast to yellow daylilies or orange dahlias.  Glossy green Sasanqua Camellias compliment Coral Bark Maples and other lime green foliage.

Are your evergreens relevant all year?