The Bright View

Last week, a lady left a voicemail asking if we prune rosemary bushes.  The short answer is rarely.  It's usually not cost effective for the client [or us] to prune two rosemary.

The lady left her name and address at the end.  She lives up on Adobe Canyon Road.  Three years ago we cleared 100' of defensible space around her home while leaving a few majestic manzanitas.

That saved her home from both fires.

So we'll go up and prune the rosemary.  This visit won't be that profitable but the idea of worthwhile is different these days. As you know, everything else burned up there so she doesn't exactly have the best quarantine view.  The two rosemary might be her only 'garden'. 

Stay safe.  When possible try to brighten someone else's view.  Real or virtual, views are all we have these days.