1975 - 2020

Random photo from back when
 Wildwood Nursery passed away due to natural causes last weekend.

At the end of its life, Wildwood suffered from many ailments.  The loss of one of its founders, the speed of the virtual world, two firestorms and Covid-19 proved to be too much for a small business.  Nature can be ruthless and gruesome.

Nature can also be beautiful and generous.  At its height, Wildwood Nursery reached gardeners from coast to coast.  Plants from Wildwood are growing in gardens across the United States.  They're bringing smiles to lots of faces.  Employees from Wildwood have gone on to launch their own small businesses and careers with publicly traded companies.

Ricardo Monte introduced several rare trees into the gardening world and received recognition in many leading publications.  Ironically, the Wildwood approach was anything but textbook.  When customers learned how Ric cared for plants, they were usually surprised!  Gardeners from all walks of life appreciated the lessons and inspiration from visits to Wildwood. 

It's hard to sum up 45 years in business.  If you have a plant from Wildwood [or even a plant] keep the spirit of Wildwood alive.  It's as much about life as it is about plants.