Relocating Plants


Whether you’re moving plants cross country or from the front to back yard here are 8 tips:

§    Rare plants merit special status. Preserve diversity.

        Start fresh.  Purchase common plants at a local garden center when you arrive. Shock from digging and moving is tough on a plant. 

        Sentimental plants help anchor a garden.  The extra care you spend on them will carry over to other plants.

       Bring your fertilizer.  Proven combinations will jump start a new garden. Plus, they’re resource intensive to manufacture.

        Ignore the old design.  Decades of unimaginative gardening bores the wildlife.

       Invite friends and new neighbors over for advice.  They’ve been gardening in the neighborhood longer.

       Remember the basics. Plan how to get regular water to everything.

§                                                                                                      Stay upbeat.  Always plan for the next spring.