Censoring Plants

What do Donald J Trump Junior and Wildwood have in common?

A social media company 'took down' their posts for violating guidelines.

It is ok to write about pouring pesticides on plants, pouring fertilizer on plants, forcing plants to bloom out of season, buying plants that were trucked in from hundreds of miles away, and modifying genetic structures of plants.  

But vaccinating plants - no.

Horticulture insiders love to refer to their industry as the green industry.  Just because we grow plants doesn't mean we're sustainable.  Intentional or not, greenwashing affects all industries.

An open honest dialogue about the state of affairs is superior to sanitizing discourse with AI.  While it is tempting to bury ones head in ones plants, listening and engaging with other organisms that depend on plants is beneficial.  Perhaps, start with fellow gardeners and widen your circle.