Wild Ideas

Just checked to see if #photosynthesis is trending on Instagram. 170K posts total.  Popular #photosynthesis posts include a female.  There's evidence that females, especially young females, are pressured to look and act certain ways to get attention.  

Competition for attention is at the heart of a massive debate now.  Apparently social media company's profits increase as people spend more time on their platforms.  Pundits and lawmakers are falling over themselves to provide clever soundbites of more earth shattering revelations.

Social media companies feed off of this circus. Will adolescent females living on a beach ever forego a skincare session for weeding a vegetable garden?  Everyone has the power to shape their brand.  How we shape the soundscape and landscape is a lifestyle decision. 

One or two people at Google control what happens with Wildwood posts.  Decentralizing decision making power starts with the writer though.  Blockchain technology offers an alternative to centralized decision making processes.  There decisions are based on merit not stature. Communities are already coalescing around blockchain powered concepts.  People are building trust and consensus using technology.

Humans have the power to tell the computers what to do.  The internet needs a nursery type environment to get it to a mature place.  Just like parenting, there is no manual for building the internet.

There are manuals for growing plants.  Perhaps, a decentralized organization is the best way to share insights about plants.  Go ahead and chuckle as Wildwood wades into the metaverse.  It's a wild place.