Sunday, August 25, 2013

Maples Hitch A Ride To Tahoe

This afternoon we loaded up three 36" box trees onto a trailer bound for Lake Tahoe, CA.

Two were Acer palmatum Beni Kawa.  These coral bark trees have a slightly smaller stature than 'Sango Kaku' and, we believe, a healthier branching structure.  They also tend to hold the red color in the bark throughout the year.  At nearly ten feet tall, these two maples will make an instant impact in their new home.  They're even starting to show fall color.

The other tree was an Acer palmatum Fireglow.  This particular plant was as wide as tall and showing great red tones.  It will definitely cast an impressive shadow in its new backyard.

Happy travels!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Late Summer Color

Last Spring, Wildwood ordered a handful of new [to us] perennials to experiment with.  Mainly, we wanted to plant them in full sun and see if they would survive.

Vernonia altissima has definitely passed the test, and with flying colors.  This east coast native grew from a baby stick to a four foot tall bush.  On the top of each stem, there are bright purple flowers that surpass quite a few annuals in showiness.  The picture shows Joe Pye Weed in the background which has similar shaped pink red flowers.  They're a great combination.

We're ordering more Vernonia to plant along our highway frontage.  After all, most gardens need more late season purple!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tedrick Goes Monumental

Bryan Tedrick is a local sculptor who occasionally displays 'smaller' pieces at Wildwood.

We visited his studio a few days ago to see what he'll be taking to Burning Man [we're art people, not sand and heat people].  What we saw is pretty awesome.


Even without the head and tail [in crates for the trip], Coyote has star power.  It's 820 hours of welding, cutting, sizing, shaping, and genius.  Climbing into the carriage of the body is exciting, scary, thrilling, and humbling all at once.  I'm a bit envious of the folks that will sit in the head and rotate!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dogwoods a la Carte

Last February, I wrote about starting Dogwoods from seed.  They're all grown up now.

Well, they think they're all grown up.  They're only eight inches tall.  It was time to go from a six pack to a four inch container.  There are now five flats of seedlings from Blue Shadow, China Girl, Satomi, and Trinity Star.  The Wolf Eye seedlings never made it.  The leaves were all white; they had no chlorophyll.

We've wheeled the flats to a raised bench in a shady area.  Hopefully, they'll have a strong fall growing season.  Many maples at Wildwood are already showing signs of second growth!  Bright red leaves are emerging on many branches.  A welcome sight.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eco Pots Show Off At Strybing

Wildwood set up a display at the San Francisco Botanic Garden this past weekend.

Eco pots were a huge part of the display's success.  One gallon plants fit nicely inside the Nova and Quadra model containers.  A burnt orange Vitifolium worked nicely in a coral color Quadra pot.  The dwarf Ginkgos looked smashing in the avocado color Nova pot.

As people bought from the display we had to redesign it on the fly!  The curator of the Arboretum was very kind and gave us a dogwood from Mexico for the display. 

The dogwood will definitely make another appearance after we propagate more!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Gardening Faire

On the road again.  Wildwood's packing up a few of its treasures and heading down to San Francisco this weekend.

Strybing is having its annual garden faire Saturday from 10 - 3.  This will be Wildwood's first official appearance at Strybing.  We've made personal trips to the garden and those even date back generations.  Sara Monte's uncle made a donation to the garden that turned into a bench on a prominent overlook.

For this trip, we have some hip new pottery and great summer color.  A few dogwoods are even blooming.  Stop by and visit.