Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Taste of Photos

Here's a preview of the photos Robert Divers Herrick took at Wildwood.

This close up of Celestial Shadow captures the spirit of dogwoods and spring.  Even though it was early in the morning, the photo shows the sunny cheerfulness of dogwoods in spring.  Celestial Shadow is a hybrid of Cornus florida, Cornus nuttalli, and Cornus kousa - and it exhibits some of the best qualities of all them.

There's more photos of dogwoods, maples, and ginkgos that will be making their way onto the website shortly.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Santa Rosa Visits Wildwood

The Santa Rosa Garden Club paid a visit to Wildwood Wednesday.

Over 20 inquiring gardeners listened to Sara Monte introduce our dogwood, ginkgo, and maple collection.  Folks were pleasantly surprised to see the kousa dogwoods blooming.  Looks like they'll be holding flowers [bracts] into June.

Several club members selected small maples for their garden projects.  The hybrids of Acer circinatum were especially popular.  People like the idea that circinatums are a native.  With names like Sunglow and Sunny Sister you know the apricot and yellow tones will brighten up a shady spot!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Visiting Berkeley Botanic Garden

There was a delivery to the East Bay Wednesday so I carved out time to stop in the canyon above campus to see the garden.  With the record temperatures, it was fairly easy to stop at every bench and enjoy the views of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Large oaks, dogwoods, and maples frame the views and provide shade for plants from around the world.

Seeing thirty foot tall Asian Dogwoods was very educational.  Their growth habit is naturally multi-trunked and bushy, albeit supersized bushy.  Of course, they looked sensational in full bloom.  Can't wait till Wildwood's get big!

There are also noteworthy species maples and east coast varieties of California natives that look quite happy.  A great stop if you're looking for inspiration.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekend Color

Last weekend, Wildwood was at Golden Gate Park for San Francisco Botanic Garden's spring sale.  We had thirteen tables packed to the gills with plants.

The picture to the left shows the front edge of the colorful display.  The combination of red and orange Exbury, a variegated Shirazz maple, and a speckled Eskimo Sunset maple was pretty outlandish.  The greenery of dogwoods and ginkgos helped balance things out.

Most of the plants in the picture are at new homes.  There are still brothers and sisters at Wildwood waiting for you to make your own display.  Many Exbury Azaleas are only beginning to bloom - great gifts for Mothers Day!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Photo Shoot At Wildwood

Wildwood is usually a calm relaxing place to visit and enjoy plants.  Every now and then things get exciting.

The person who can capture all the excitement, tranquility, and moods at Wildwood is Robert Divers Herrick.  He's the reason an April post mentioned we have new pictures.  He visited Wildwood more than once last week, so it's worth more than one mention here. 

He had the close up lens out, then he's swap over to another lens, then he'd switch camera bodies.  He has leaves of Ginkgos and Maples, 'portraits' of a Dove Tree, and overviews of the knot garden at Wildwood.

We'll get the photos up soon with no writing because a photo's worth...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Plant Sale in San Francisco

Today and tomorrow the San Francisco Botanic Garden has its gigantic annual plant sale.

This year, they wanted to expand the selection of plants that shoppers can choose from.  So, they asked Wildwood to participate.  We are thrilled to be there and give a percentage of the proceeds to the Garden.

Wildwood has thirteen tables so there are plenty of dogwoods, maples, ginkgos, and other rare plants to choose from.  Members get first dibs this evening.  Open to the general public tomorrow!