Tuesday, December 26, 2017

December View

Staring into space is particularly important as a year winds down.

One can reflect on events from the past year and contemplate what the new year will bring. This forward and back outlook is unique any time. The circumstances always seem more unique in the moment.

The view of the mountainside across from Wildood is reassuring and energizing. We hope your view is similar.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fall Pruning

As fall color wanes, the branching structure of all the trees starts to emerge.  The coral bark and paper bark maples begin to glow as the light hits their bark.  For most trees the bare outline of the canopy is what we appreciate.

Now is the best time to shape and prune trees into the look we want.  The branches are easy to see, the tree is practically asleep and the sunny weather is perfect for gardening!

Once all the dead wood and crossing branches are gone, continue to open up the canopy by removing branches that have minimal separation.  This will create depth and add light inside the tree.  Work around the tree on all sides evenly and look to create layers at different heights.

Call wildwood nursery at 707.833.1161 if you need a pruning service!

Friday, November 10, 2017


October was a good month for working outside of Sonoma.

We spent most of the month building a waterfall at a residence in Marin.  The waterfall stretches over 20' so it has elements of a creek as well as a small pond at the end. 

The pool and drop style of the feature is really reminiscent of many California rivers [versus continuous gradient rivers].  No room for rafts on this river though.

A new paver walkway and bridge make portages easier.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


The firefighters did an amazing job preserving structures and open space.

Less than two weeks after the inferno started, the skies are blue and fall color is in full effect.  The Fireglow Japanese maple to the left is the kind of fiery red that we like.  It is one of our most popular plants.  And for good reason- it's sturdy, easy to train into a small patio tree, and red all year.

Fall color will probably only last a few weeks due to the hot dry conditions.  Take a moment and enjoy while it lasts.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A Bright Spot

Hi Joe,

Following up with you and your family. Thinking about you with this destructive fires happening around us. Several news came out of Kenwood hoping that you and your family are ok.

Our home is still standing for now, but our neighbors to the right and in front of us lost their homes. 20 feet away on Altruria 30 plus homes are burnt to the grounds! Amazingly enough the Maples trees in are still standing!

Take care,


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fire Season

Kenwood has several active fires this week and only emergency personnel are working in the area.

Once Kenwood is safe and we can return to Wildwood, we will take stock of nursery.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Planting Season

It's always planting season in California.  With the start of fall, the soil is warm while the air temperature is a little less intense.

We took a trip to Larkspur, CA to plant a Glowing Ember Japanese Maple, Baldsmith Japanese Maple, and two Coral Bark Japanese Maples.  They were big trees too!  Two 45 gallon cans and two 24" box containers.

They rolled into their new digs and made an immediate splash!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Just Add Water

Looking for an instant tree?

Now they're at Wildwood Nursery.  The new selection of Japanese Maples and Umbrella Pines are established trees that can transform any setting.

They have the width - nine feet - to fill any gap in your garden.  They have the height - nine feet - to provide shade and layers of branches to see through.

It's easier then ever to see what trees look like fully grown!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dogwoods in Bloom

The kousas are blooming! The kousas are blooming!

May is the peak blooming season for Asian dogwoods.  The star shaped flowers are bright white and soft pinks. 

Dogwoods like Angel Wings, Satomi, and Blue Shadow are as intriguing as they sound.  They look great in clusters or as a focal point in the garden.

Visit Wildwood Nursery and see mature Cornus kousa varieties blooming in the gardens.

Friday, May 12, 2017


Starting with our Second Saturday in May, Wildwood Nursery is thrilled to have a Jonsai display.

Created by body boarder, dj, and gardener Jon Forney, these mini gardens are add style and fun to small surfaces.  The Jonsai philosophy combines casual California cool with the art of bonsai.

Jon combines materials and plants in fresh ways.  From coconut planters with heavenly bamboo to drift wood boxes with ginkgo his style spans regions and mediums.

Visit Wildwood May 13 for a special afternoon demonstration!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Queen of Flowers

The Peony is one of the most prized flowers in the gardening world.  English, Asian, and American gardeners all admire the sheer size and vibrant color of the peony flower.

Peonies bloom religiously in the gardens at Wildwood Nursery, tempting visitors to touch, smell, and photograph.  Now, the nursery has Itoh and Tree Peonies available in containers.  Magenta, cherry, purple, white, and red colors are all waiting for new homes.

Remember to water them with ice in the winter to keep them cool so they burst into a blaze of color!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blossom Rivers

Every year the apricot blossoms and cherry blossoms are a tantalizing tease of springtime.  And like clockwork, the weeping apricot at Wildwood Nursery burst into bloom a few days ago.

Then the sky burst, letting loose a sheet of water that knocked all the blossoms off!  A friendly reminder that the rain gods remember California.

The year round gardening weather we had the last four years changed mindsets and outlooks.  Now, we will have to see where the blossom rivers lead us.