Monday, September 29, 2014

Behind The Makeover

At 5pm Friday, we re-launched the home page for Wildwood.

Leading up to that time there had been some incremental changes to the homepage, mainly the larger pictures rotating through as a slideshow.  The most noticeable Friday change is the 'Wildwood Nursery' logo. 'Where art and nature meet' is still the tag line but 'Farm' is gone.  We've thought of Wildwood as Wildwood Farm for so long it will take time for us to get used to the new phrase.  At the end of the day, Wildwood Nursery is a better description of the business.

The 'SHOP ONLINE' button is another significant change.  All the top nurseries and botanic gardens give their customers the option of buying online.  To keep pace we had to add that capability.

Of course, someone is always raising bar.  Days before we made our changes, The High Line launched a new website.  The gardening world is changing quickly.  Enjoy fall, it's a reminder to us as much as anyone.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Inside Fine Gardening

The November/December edition of Fine Gardening boosted the spirits at Wildwood.  We needed a little shot in the arm while we're in the midst of loading our shopify shopping cart.

The article on Japanese Maples features Lady Wildwood talking about Koto No Ito.  It's a fairly wispy tree but she has a lot to say about it!  She actually makes it sound quite interesting.

Ok, Koto No Ito is a great maple.  We have it planted in the gardens at Wildwood and people do stop to look at the 8' tall bamboo leaf in full sun.

Hurry in, you'll be just in time to catch the fall color!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Start your Shopping Carts

We think of ourselves as gardeners, plant collectors, and outdoors people at Wildwood.

If you had seen what we've been doing the last few weeks, you would never have guessed.  Other than shooting tons of pictures, we've been glued to the computer.  Between magazine articles and setting up an online store, our gardening existence has been reduced to staring at store templates, cropping photos, writing plant descriptions and crunching shipping costs.  The crunching is ongoing by the way.

Once we tell the store how to compute shipping costs, it will be live.  In the meantime, you can preview the selection at

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Airport Art

A combination of travel and vacation took time away from the blog.

One surprise during boarding at SFO was the display of Tiffany glassware in the lobby.  The SFMOMA is 'on the move' during the renovation of the museum so the collections move about the city.  The task of maintaining interest in the museum is an interesting chore for the staff!

The descriptions accompanying the Tiffany display are very educational.  Tiffany Studios morphed from a dry goods store into a luxury goods maker under the direction of one of the founder's sons.  Quite an accomplishment!  It's worth flying out of SFO.