Wednesday, May 29, 2013

About Time

It has been a few years since Wildwood Farm updated its About Us page.  In plant time, that's not too long.  In tech time, that's a long time.

Don't worry, we didn't pave over Wildwood Farm.  And there hasn't been a change in ownership.  You'll still be talking to the same folks when you visit or call.  There's over 100 years of plant knowledge combined between Ric, Sara, and I...

There are new pictures of us and new language about what we've done the past few years at Wildwood.  Plus, some addition by subtraction - websites need to be weeded every now and then too.

How about you? Let us know if you're planning to update your garden!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Will They Hold On?

Wildwood Farm is revving into event mode with Sunset's Celebration Weekend right around the corner.

Squeezing four acres of gardens and nursery into a 10' x 10' booth can be a tricky chore.  Hence, all the to and fro debating about what plants to bring.  The big question is if the Asian Dogwoods will still have flowers in ten days.  With all the heat and wind we've had, the bloom season for the East and West Coast Dogwoods was very short.  Many of the Asian Dogwoods are holding on to vibrant white and pink blooms though...

We'll definitely showcase Summer Fun and Wolf Eye, with their stunning variegated leaves, regardless of blooms or no blooms.  Plus, we'll have all our dwarf Ginkgos.

And, all our maples - oh wait they won't all fit!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Can You Grow Maples In Full Sun?

Yes, is the short answer.

There are maples from across the globe, not just Asia, and many of the can take full sun.  Maples from the Middle East, with rolled up leaves, are especially adapted to scorching weather.

In a little less forgiving climate, many Asian Maples will tolerate hot sun with frequent watering.

In the picture to the left, the A.p. Novum is growing in full sun in Wildwood Farm's center circle.  This red maple needs the sun to maintain a vibrant glowing red throughout the summer season.  If it was in the shade, the red would fade to green during the summer.

As a full sun centerpiece, it turns colors through the summer months.  Tones of rust, orange, and red rotate until fall when it turns a bright orange red. 

Check back in a few months to follow the color progression!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The State[ment] Poppy

It's tough to keep track of which poppy is the CA state flower [Eschscholzia californica] and which is the CA state poppy [Rhomneya coulteri].

Both plants have bright showy flowers and survive in terrible soil.  Both are tough to grow in containers.  The orange poppy [state flower] is a bit tougher than the white poppy to grow in containers because it's an annual. 

Wildwood Farm purchased several Matilija Poppies earlier this year for different projects.  One of them was redesigning the highway frontage.  When all the other perennials were going in gopher baskets and asking for extra water to get established, the Matilija Poppies waved off all the attention and grew happily in 'amended' road base.

Now, when the early 85 degree weather feels like 95 and we need a little lift to get out gardening, we look at the Matilija Poppies.  The massive white flowers with big yellow centers cheer us up.

Whether you need a powerful statement or a happy statement in your garden, consider the State Poppy.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sheet Mulching Those Weeds Away

Who in the world would use plain old cardboard to stop weeds?

A very smart gardener.

It's no secret weeds, or any plant for that matter, like water and sunlight.  Without one or the other, they die.  Using plastic products creates a mess in the landscape.  The plastic rips and pretty soon there's scraps floating around.

Cardboard does the same thing and it decomposes so there's no weed barrier legacy to deal with.  Spreading a thick layer of mulch over the cardboard holds it in place and cools the roots of new plants.

In a year, plants like the Matilija Poppy, Yellow Spurge, and Blue Oat Grass in this Studio Wildwood design will start to fill in.  Then the garden will have a living mulch!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And The Winner Is...

The past week was a whirlwind of activity at Wildwood Farm.

The lead up to the 38th Birthday Party, the packed crowd on Sunday for the party, and the last minute entries into our second annual photo contest.  Sorting through all the great entries was a welcome easy chore this week.

Julie Jackson captured a great scene at Wildwood for the winning entry in that class.  With the hills and grape fields in the back ground, a formal hedge in the foreground, and a kaleidoscope of maples in the center, we think the photo is the essence of Spring.

Thanks for all the great images on this amazing May Day.