Monday, August 20, 2018

Mystic Spires

One gallon Mystic Spires
When this blog started, we had high expectations for the highway frontage.  We were going to turn it into a dazzling display of color.  There was going to be a regular blog post about 'gardening at 55mph' [hwy 12 speed limit].  We planted LOTS of plants.

The gophers jumped over the gopher baskets.  Water pooled because the clay wouldn't drain.  A cold winter polished off what survived.  Did we swear a lot? Yes.

Salvia Mystic Spires is one plant we have experimented with since then.  The gophers don't eat it.  The deer don't eat it.  It doesn't care about clay.  It doesn't need water after the first year.  It returns after a frost.  It's basically a plastic bouquet of blue flowers.
We're planting 40 next week.  In the words of Carl Spackler 'Au revoir, gopher'

Friday, August 10, 2018

New Entrance

At 55 mph plus, the entrance to Wildwood Nursery has always been easy to miss.  The location, next to the Kenwood Inn & Spa, is still the same.  The gate and fence flanking the driveway are brand new.

We thought it made sense to use lumber for an entrance to a place called Wildwood.  The ranch style look is in keeping with the history of the property.  The color is a bit of a departure though.

White would have been glaringly noticeable.  Black would have been more of an Asian influence.  The deep plum [Benajmin Moore Dark Basalt] was Debbie's suggestion.  She works at Wildwood on weekends and thought the plum color would be 'unique and sharp'.

Next challenge: plants!