Friday, January 22, 2016

Wild Chanterelles

Mushrooms are like icebergs.  They are a small sign of a vast underground network.

These fruiting bodies rely on extensive branches of thread like hyphae to absorb nutrients.  This network of hyphae is very difficult to picture. It's presence and the functions it performs mean the soil is robust and very healthy.

At Wildwood, Chanterelles have popped up under the heritage oaks.  They like a deep leafy layer of oak leaves so we only rake the aisles at the nursery. 

The Chanterelles are one of many signs that Wildwood is a thriving ecosystem!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pruning Fruit Trees

Time to unfold those orchard ladders!

Fruit trees should be pruned back this time of year.  The long whips won't be able to support fruit next year.  Splintering and breaking branches are very damaging to a tree.

If left untamed, fruit trees will get too tall for even the largest ladder.  Leaving fruit on a tree or on the ground to rot invites insects and diseases.

After pruning fruit trees, remember to spray copper oil on the branches to ward off common ailments.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Where Art & Nature Meet

A New Year's visit to the SF Presidio started the wheels spinning about what lies ahead.  Looking down on Goldsworthy's Wood Line, one feels the 'pull' into the distance.

What lies around the next curve?  What lies ahead tomorrow?  Where are the connections between logs? Do eucalyptus branches curve?  The artist's statement sheds light on aspects of these questions.

Wildwood has many layers of human intervention and natural evolution.  We'll see what 2016 sets in motion.