Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Coral Barks Enter Screen Left

At Wildwood Farm, the coral bark maples are on center stage.

There are two dwarf varieties.  The smallest coral bark is Winter Flame.  It has all the sizzle of it's larger cousins in an easy to care for size.  At about 4' in ten years, Winter Flame is great for a container or edge of the patio showpiece.

The next size up is Beni Kawa.  This coral bark reaches a slender 12'.  This vase shaped tree looks like a candle in the winter.  The one shown to the left is being positioned near the entrance to the nursery.  As soon as you turn off Sonoma Highway, you'll see a lineup of 6 Beni Kawas in 24" and 36" sizes.

Use your turn signal!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Playas Gemelas

Yes, California is enjoying a long spell of warm dry weather - in Winter.  And folks who went through the polar vortex might scoff at our 'lows' in the high 20's.  Those temps do make growing tropicals a real chore.

Is there a better way to enjoy tropicals without the hassle of growing them then visiting?  Absolutely!  Visit and volunteer.

I spent part of my trip to Puerto Vallarta on Playas Gemelas helping release new born turtles.  When the turtles lay their eggs in summer, the community places them in a nearby poolhouse to protect them from beach activity.  When they hatch, there are turtle release ceremonies!

Watching a baby turtle waddle off into the giant ocean was awesome and a bit emotional.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Heavy Hitters Roll In

The first shipment of trees for Spring arrived today.

On the truck, there was a selection of Beni Kawa, Fireglow, and Seiryu Japanese Maples.
The Beni Kawa are extremely popular because of the bright red [Beni in Japanese] bark and small stature.  Several of these Beni Kawa are already full grown!

Fireglow is another outstanding choice for small yards.  We handpicked these trees for their low branching.  A small multi-trunk tree has an instant impact on a garden.  Trees with one main trunk need to be fairly mature to anchor a space.

The Seiryus also have low branching.  The come very close to matching one of our most spectacular Maple maple that is planted in the garden.  Everyone oohs and aahs over our large spreading Seiryu.  Now, it's possible to have one in your garden!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Garden Lantern

Studio Wildwood finished the prototype for a custom wood garden lantern.

The inspiration came from metal lanterns Greene and Greene designed.  Actually, the proportions and the base were the inspiration.  The grand lantern, all alone, on a long balcony looks so cool at the Gamble House!

The cypress stump is a temporary substitute for a base in this picture.  It seems to be the right size though.  We're experimenting with building a stone and brick base for the lantern.  A bit of a challenge but not insurmountable.

Now we need to find a permanent location for the lantern...